Valentini CB – Cannibal Fixed Forestry Brush Cutters
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Advert Details: Valentini CB – Cannibal Fixed Forestry Brush Cutters
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Reference: Oct 17
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The CANNIBAL forest machine is perfect not only for farmers, but also for companies that work in the forest maintenance sector, carrying out professional works in difficult conditions, using high-powered tractors equipped with a “super reducer” or “variable” speed drive. In the agricultural sector, the CANNIBAL transforms particularly rocky soil into arable land, crushing rocks and stones up to a depth of 50 cm. Initially sterile land characterised by trees, underbrush, and large-sized stones, can subsequently be used to erect vineyards, orchards or to grow more traditional crops, thus significantly increasing its value. The land is ploughed to improve consistency and facilitate the even spread of plant roots. Moreover, rainwater and irrigation water is more evenly absorbed and soil moisture is maintained over a longer period. For maintenance works, the CANNIBAL forest machine is commonly used to both develop and level rural roads, as well as to grind rubble. This model is supplied standard with double side transmission with gears.

STANDARD EQUIPMENT: 3 point universal hitch (Category 3) Single speed unit, 1000 rpm Reinforced rotor, 950 diam. with peaks Rotor with teeth size 50 in “HIGH-RESISTANCE AND WEAR RESISTANT STEEL” Protection rings on transmission support Central cardan with safety bolt (tractor side fork 1 3/4” Z20) Double lateral transmission with gears in oil bath “by Valentini-4G” Bearing support with special seals, “Labyrinth Bearing Protection by Valentini” Rear containment sheets for the selection of crushed product that can be adjusted with a HYDRAULIC jack Front conveyor adjustable with HYDRAULIC jack HYDRAULIC adjustment of sledges for work depth Casing protection cap on both sides Protective counter bonnet in “HIGHRESISTANCE AND WEAR RESISTANT STEEL” “By Valentini” friction phasing system

Safety: CE Safety protections Front protective rails Anti-intrusion protections for transport Parking legs

Tractor equipment notes: Variable transmission or super gearbox Hydraulic distributors requested from 2 to 6

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Agricultural Trader ID: 15883
Reference: Oct 17
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