Agricultural Trader Newspaper Print Rates 2018

Trader Pages

4cm x 2 column £50.00
8cm x 2 column £75.00
Prices include print and a digital advertising

Smaller sizes available upon request - Please ask us about our amazing recruitment deals

Specifications for Print:

Software used by Studio

     Quark Xpress version 4.11<br />
      Adobe Acrobat 4.0 + Distiller<br />
      Adobe Photoshop 6.0 and 7.0<br />
      WORD DOCUMENTS ONLY can be received in Microsoft Word 6 and Microsoft<br />
      Excel 5 for Windows and Mac (Please do not supply artwork on a word programme)</br>

It is vital the PDF contains flattened artwork. All black text has to be 100% black and not made up of CMYK. PDF format is the best mode of supplying artwork as all fonts and graphics are embedded automatically. All full colour artwork to be in CMYK and FLATTENED.

We use QuarkXpress 4.11 and require all fonts and graphics to be embedded - we are not permitted to install your fonts so if they are not embedded we reserve the right to change your fonts without prior notice.


Graphics can to be supplied as either a PDF, JPEG, TIFF or EPS.
All Must have fonts and graphics embedded.
Full colour graphics to be saved as CMYK

E-mailing JPEG Photographs

Our requirements for e-mailed images
Resolution Size Either 72dpi At least x4 final printed image Or 300dpi Same size as final printed image

Internet / E-mail Artwork

PDF’s and EPSF’s - We can receive A/W by E-Mail. It is however essential that all fonts and graphics are embedded into the artwork, as we are not permitted to install fonts. The best format to supply artwork in is as a PDF. Please ensure that all fonts and graphics are embedded.


Our ISDN numbers are 0845 0704807 and 0845 0704808
We prefer to receive PDF’s via Transmission Manager it is essential that all fonts and graphics are embedded into the artwork as a PDF format - as we are not permitted to install fonts, please ensure the advert. depth and column sizes are correct (see “Column Sizes” section) also note:- The programs we can receive in :- See “Software used by Studio” section of this data sheet. Please ensure that the file name easily identifies the item being sent.

Colour Knock-Outs

If you are supplying a full colour advert, which involves colour text over a colour background (for example light text i.e. yellow on a darker background i.e. mid to dark blue), it is vital that you ensure the size of the text within the advert is NOT BELOW 12 point. Text that is used smaller than this will blur badly because of the knock-outs and registration. Please ensure that colour text used on a colour background is always knocked-out.
Again Not below size 12 point for all the above same reasons. If you are using dark text on a light coloured background, i.e. red text on a yellow or cream background), then this does not need to be knocked out, as it will print as a dominant colour on top of a light colour. Experience tells us that non-serif fonts (i.e. helvetica, futura, swiss etc) reproduce better in knock-out colour, as they are generally thicker and bolder.

If you require any additional information please call (01271) 341650.