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Make mine a Mule.

These machines deliver all the rugged, reliable and adaptable attributes that Kawasaki’s utility vehicle brand is justifiably famous for and becoming the vehicle of choice for many professionals such as grounds-care experts, gamekeepers and farmers. The Pro-Dx is ready to take the load; a powerful 993 cc three cylinder diesel engine delivers an abundant low-speed torque for load hauling and sufficient power to hit 30mph.

A steel ladder chassis is ideal for all terrains, strong where it needs to be and flexible where it matters. A new model for 2019, the Pro-MX is built to take whatever comes its way thanks to a large-capacity, ‘torquey’ single cylinder engine that drives a selectable 2WD/4WD auto transmission, 25-inch wheels roll over the roughest ground and a 36-litre fuel capacity give the Pro-MX a wide operating range. Andrew Symons ltd is happy to arrange demonstrations and explain the different models and choices available to you.

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