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Exciting news for Machine Serve

Machine Serve have added yet another exciting addition to their stocklists, the Gyru-Star Compact Screening Systems, a Wheatway Solutions Ltd brand. Gyru-Star Compact Screening Systems are bucket type attachments used primarily for screening soil, compost, and aggregates. These screening buckets can be fitted to a wide range of carriers including excavators, tractors, telehandlers, compact loaders, wheeled or tracked loaders and skid steers, replacing a standard digging bucket; and with 29 models and 3 fragments sizes in the Gyru-Star range, the brand has one of the most comprehensive ranges of screening attachments worldwide.

Due to the unique and innovative design, Gyru-Star screening buckets will screen materials without crushing or shredding. Using flexible yet durable polyurethane stars that create a rolling action within the bucket, materials are agitated allowing the graded, reusable material to fall through the gaps, leaving any unusable material in the bucket, turning liabilities into assets. Making it ‘True Screening’.

There are many benefits to using these screeners as appose to traditional screening methods including the reduction in haulage costs due to having the ability to screen materials on site, also allowing for the reduction in carbon footprint through a decreased need for extra machinery both on site and for haulage. More so, the durable design of Gyru-Star screening buckets means that with the correct operation, they are 0 – low maintenance. Reducing the overall cost in terms of general maintenance over time compared to other traditional methods.  For all your requirements please call us, Machine Serve 01837 682610 or visit our website at