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Could your quad do more to help ewe?

Caring for sheep during lambing season adds enormous pressure on farmers so using reliable and innovative machinery around the farm can be a big help at this time of year. The locally manufactured Quad-X range is compatible to use with ATVs/UTVs making it possible to get any job done, even on wet ground.

The Quad-X Stock feeders have been designed to take the hassle out of feeding, so there's no need for more bags or troughs. The feeders can be easily attached to any ATV, UTV, jeep or towing vehicle, and once it's in place it can be operated and controlled from the comfort of the seat.

The Quad-X Stock Feeder is available in a fixed spacing model or AutoDrop model, with a 370L capacity enabling stock to be fed in just one fill, saving valuable time. With the food being evenly distributed in spaced out piles, stock will stand head to head and get a fair chance to feed so there is less trampling and fouling, meaning less meal is wasted, thereby saving money.

The Quad-X AutoDrop model incorporates many market leading features such as high ground clearance, low fill height and a sophisticated controller with a drop counter.

The company also produces a bale transporter, designed for moving silage, hay, haylage and straw bales.

This special trailer can be towed with an ATV, utility vehicle, car or 4x4. The Bale Transporter is ideal for bringing in bales from the field and moving them around even in wet conditions.

The bale transporter has been cleverly created to ensure it is well balanced in order to reduce the weight on the drawbar of the towing vehicle. You can even re-position the

transporter by hand when it is loaded with a hay bale. The transporter was developed to make the bale mass assist with the loading, reducing the force required to load a 750kg tonne bale, allowing young people and ladies to operate and to prevent the quad rear wheels lifting during loading. The clamping arms are designed to minimise wrap damage during loading and transportation.

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For information on the Quad-X Stock Feeder, Bale Transporter or any other products, tensive range or to see video footage of the machines in action visit our website or call us from ROI on 048 2587 2800, from NI on 02825 872 800.