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We can supply sawdust from 2 different suppliers, both in a 25kg bale. One is manufactured in the UK and comes in pallets of 60, the other is Kiln dried and from Belgium, this is available in pallets of 36 or 42. Sawdust is available all year round even in the difficult winter months when a lot of the other suppliers struggle with supply.

Hay & Straw:

Sawdust can be used for cubicle bedding mats or slats either by hand or using a sawdust dispenser can also be used in a Sawdust burning furnace.

Wood Shavings:

Top quality Dutch wood shavings from a family run business which has been producing wood products for over 40 years.

The shavings are dust extracted which make them suitable for any horses with respiratory problems.

You can create a deep stable bed which is easy to clean as the shavings are highly absorbent and coat any muck, saving you time and money.

The shavings come in 22kg bales.

A pallet contains 54 bales which come covered in a waterproof hood so can be easily stored outside if you are short of space.

Chopped Wheat Straw

Traditional product, which creates comfortable, hygienic and economic stable bedding.

Similar absorbency to shavings.

100% natural.

Quickly biodegrades.

Easy to muck out.

Can come infused with Eucalyptus Oil, which can be beneficial to animals with respiratory problems, and has the added benefit of giving a bitter taste so bedding is not eaten.

Chopped Rape Straw

Made from Oil Seed Rape Straw.

100% natural product

Hygienic and virtually dust free.

Highly absorbent.

No chemicals

Biodegrades within 2-3 months.



This is made using the woody core of environmentally grown hemp fibre. No chemicals or pesticides are used in the cultivation process.

Rivals shavings for absorbency.

Comfortable and durable.

Dust free.

Suitable for equine and Organic poultry.

Excellent for odour and Ammonia control.


Flax bedding is made from the fibrous stem of the

Linseed plant and has similar properties to Hemp bedding.

Hygienic and absorbent.

Reduces labour and muck heap.

Economical – less waste.

pH neutral & quick to biodegrade