TubeLine BaleLiner


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Manufacturer: Tube Line Manufacturing
Agricultural Trader ID: 13196
Reference: TubeLine BaleLiner

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Site to Site Transport: The BalelLiner not only moves bales, it also transports the wrapper from field to field by piggy backing the unit with no extra equipment needed. •Easy Starts and Finishes: Load 4 backing bales then cap your starting bale. An integrated bale spear makes capping the first and last bales quick and simple. Load the last 3 bales and head back to start your row. Push the backing bales through the wrapper and start wrapping the capped bale with controls located at the back of the BaleLiner. Once the row is started easily retrieve the backing bales and feed them into your row. Finish the row by wrapping your capped bale and push it off the wrapper with the integrated final bale push off. •Self-loading Bale Wagon: BaleLiner is a capable bale wagon, the versatile loading arm allows you to follow the path of the baler and avoid zigzaging around the field by gently spinning the bales before easily picking them up and loading them onto the wagon. Once on the wagon bales ride on heavy duty roller chain.

BaleLiner – Trailer •Fully Automatic/Patened ONE system •All in One operation – transporting & wrapping •Carries 6 (5 ft. Bales) and 8 (4 ft. Bales) •Semi mount hitch to the tractor •Transporter of the wrapper to site and storage •Capability of self loading, retreiving bales off season

Standard Equipment on Baleliner Trailer

•16.5 x 16.1 tyres •Road lights c/w reflectors •Night working lights

BaleLiner- Wrapper

NOTE: This wrapper is compatible only with the Baleliner system.

Features •Fully Automatic/Patented system •Automatic coupling to the trailer for wrapping •Power source recieved from the tractor through the trailer

Standard Equipment on Baleliner Wrapper •2 – 30″ pre-tensioners •Safety shut off switch on guards •Guide rollers •Plastic sensor shutdown

Optional Equipment

TLTWK – Twin Wrap Kit


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