Nitro 450, 600, 750, 950 Muck Spreaders


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Reference: Nitro 450, 600, 750, 950 Muck Spreaders March 2017

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It’s The Spreader – Reinvented.

The Nitro Manure Spreader represents a new generation of vertical beater manure spreaders. Feature-loaded, the Nitro spreads manure evenly and efficiently. The variable speed, hydraulically driven apron chain feeds fast-moving vertical beaters that ‘bite’ the load and throw it into the field with remarkable consistency, ensuring a finely spread application every time.

Apron Chain System

Truly heavy duty, the chain and sprocket are designed to move heavy manure day after day. The variable apron chain ensures that your load is delivered at the right speed regardless fo the manure consistency.

End Gate

The robust guillotine end gate may be utilized to control the flow of sloppy, semi-solid, or light, dry poultry manure. This feature contributes to even spreading from start to finish.

Quick Drop Beaters

Standard on all Nitro models the quick-drop removable beaters remove in minutes, converting your spreader into a rear discharge trailer for stockpiling or windrowing.

Side Walls

To resist corrosion, the Nitro box is built with plastic boards and secured with stainless steel hardware, while most surfaces that come in direct contact with manure have been galvanized.

Note: Nitro 375RS models are equipped with steel side walls

Lights (optional)

LED lights and flashers ensure transit safety. Innovative light covers hydraulically open and close in sequence with the end gate, ensuring lights are protected while spreading.

Silage Extensions (optional)

The Nitro 750 and 950 can easily double as a silage hauler, with the optional silage extension panels.


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