The RM150 Rotary Paddock Topper / Mower


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Paddock Topper Design

The RM150 Rotary Paddock Topper by Chapman Machinery is a self-powered machine designed to be towed behind and ATV, UTV or even a 4×4, with the 1.5m cutting width ensuring you maintain the field quickly and easily. Flotation tyres are fitted as standard to minimise ground compaction and ensure smooth travel over rough paddocks. Designed and built in Great Britain, the RM150 Paddock Mower is the ultimate paddock & parkway maintenance tool, which will last for years of service. Should anything go wrong or replacements wearing parts be required, our UK base ensures unparalleled parts availability & support.


The simple design of the ATV topper ensures a low centre of gravity for stability, and allows cutting beneath overhanging trees & branches when offset from the towing vehicle. A multi-way offsetable drawbar makes for easy cutting of verges & field boundaries. A choice of engine options are available, from the base 13.5hp Briggs & Stratton petrol, to high-quality 16hp Honda GXV530 V-twin engines for larger areas and a faster forward speed. Furthermore, if you have specific requirements from your machine, we can source a range of powerplants & accessories from manufacturers such as Briggs & Stratton, Honda, Lombardini & Kohler to tailor the product to your specific requirements & budget constraints.

The rear deflector skirt ensures an even spread of cut material, whilst preventing foreign objects being ejected towards buildings or animals in the vicinity. The three point adjustment means the rear deflector can be set for both heavy weed cutting and lawn maintenance. The optional rear roller in place of the deflector skirt gives that professional striped finish whilst preventing scalping and helping to smooth rough paddocks.

Fitted with a centrifugal clutch as standard, the RM150 starts easier and runs smoother than it’s competitors – a real boon if using a recoil start variant. Higher power units such as the Honda GXV530 16hp V-Twin come with electric start as standard, with remote engine controls for ease of use in the field.


A Choice of engine units ensure the right machine for your requirements and budget. With different engine options built onto a standard base, we can supply a brand new machine to you in as little as one week, as well as having a large range of spares on-the-shelf should you experience a problem or require replacement wearing parts.

All mowers in the FM120 range are fitted as standard with a centrifugal clutch, allowing for safe & efficient operation from the towing machine. The use of a centrifugal clutch allows easy drive engagement, and acts as an overrun clutch & engine protection should an obstruction be encountered, ensuring your machine & engine will last for years of trouble-free service. A Heavy-duty ‘BB’ type serpentine drive belt last longer and are more efficient than smaller units used on competing machines.

Our innovative two-point drive belt self-tensioning system removes the need for continual belt tensioning, and automatically compensates for belt wear through the use of a a simple spring and pivot system. Maintenance is simply checking for wear on the belt in line with usage.


The deck is made from 3mm EN43A Plate and strengthened with under-deck supports for a tough yet easy to keep clean unit. 5mm & 8mm EN43 laser cut plateare used in the rM150 Paddock Mower to ensure a long service life. All bearings are easily greasable from the top of the machine for ease of maintenance & cooling slots in the belt guards allow visual checks on the belt condition & tension without having to remove any safety covers.

Three rotors each carrying three tipped blades give the cleanest cut and smoothest running mower on the market.A total of nine cutting blades where competitors may use only 3!

Finally, the FM120 Flail Mower is shot blasted, zinc coated and powder-finished to keep rust at bay, maintaining your investment and ensuring a good used equipment market value. Quality parts & support are also just a phone call away.


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