Enorossi Tunder 1.65m working width Rotary Tiller - 1 Year Warranty - CAT 1 & 2
£1,950 +VAT


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Enorossi Tunder 1.65m working width - Rotary Tiller £1950 + vat + transport cost

Go to our website for more info on the Enorossi Tunder http://agrimarketia.com/enorossi/tunder-rotary-tillers

Call us on 01363 82928 for a quote on transport Finishing Price subject 20% VAT

Parts and Warranty fully available in the UK and Ireland through Agri Market Insight & Access Ltd

ENOROSSI TUNDER ENG165 MAIN FEATURES: 8 Flanges. 48 Blades. Suitable for low and medium power tractors. Side gear drive. Sturdy frame.

Used in the preparation of the ground after plowing, the mixing of stubble and plant remains on the field, mechanical weed control, breakage of permanent meadows, direct preparation without plowing are just some of the many possible applications of the Tunder machine.

Other models of Enorossi Tillers are available for all types of tilling and hoeing. Including Heavy Duty Tillers by Valentini.

A range of many other agricultural machinery also stocked see www.agrimarketia.com for details. CREDIT CARD PAYMENTS ARE SUBJECT TO A CHARGE.

Fore more info please call 01363 82928 or alternatively you can email us on info@agrimarketia.com, thanks for viewing!


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