Fleming In-Line & Semi-Offset Grass Toppers


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Manufacturer: Fleming
Agricultural Trader ID: 28771
Reference: TOP3/4/5/6

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The Fleming In-line and Semi-Offset Grass Topper Range has a durable and sturdy design which allows for them be used in various environments. For example, parkland, sports fields, equestrian and agriculture land.

There are 4 models available in this range - TOP3 (3ft), TOP4 (4ft), TOP5 (5ft) and TOP6 (6ft).


  • Ideal for small compact and low horsepower tractors
  • Rejuvenates growth
  • Grass land maintenance
  • Low maintenance machine with low cost spares
  • New five stage painting and heat treatment process


  • Cat. 1 pins on all models apart from 6ft
  • Galvanised headstock for longer life
  • Adjustable headstock for In-Line and Semi-Offset on all models apart from the 6ft model
  • Comer Gearbox
  • H.D Rotor and blades
  • Double galvanised chain support
  • Cat.2 pins on 6ft model
  • Convex skids


    ModelTOP3 - 3ft
    TOP4 - 4ft
    TOP5 - 5ft
    TOP6 - 6ft
    Tractor HP Required20203040
    Transport Width (M)
    No. of Rotors1111
    No. of Blades2222
    No. of Gearbox1111
    Gearbox Rating (HP)30303030
    Weight (KG)170202246323

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