ALO Quicke Bale Handling


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Manufacturer: Alo
Agricultural Trader ID: 28774
Reference: Bale Handling

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ALO / Quicke have a wide range of bale handling solutions to suit each user in various situation, including the following:

Quadrogrip® TS - Handles square bales in an even more professional way

Square Bale Fork - Safety - The safer way of handling square bales

Square Bale Fork - Standard - The simple way of handling square and round bales

Bale Spike MKII - The simple way to handle round bales

Silosplit® - Splits bales swiftly

Flexibal® - Handles bales from the bottom and doubles as a bale fork

Topgrip - For handling round and square bales from the top

Unigrip™ - For stacking and turning round bales

Flexigrip™ - Transporting and stacking round bales

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