Marshall QM/8 Trailers


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Manufacturer: Marshall
Agricultural Trader ID: 30542
Reference: marshall-qm8-trailers

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The Marshall QM/8 is an extremely popular trailer in farming areas with narrow roads and lanes.

The large cubic capacity of the trailer means it has room to carry a significant load, but remains small enough to easily manoeuvre.

The QM/8 also has the advantage of tandem axles, giving the customer the option to spec either rockers or springs as a no cost option.

The body is constructed with 3.5mm sides and a 5mm flat floor, complete with a substantial number of spacers and bearers to guarantee durability and strength.

The flat floor also prevents premature rusting of the trailer, since there are no joints for water to sit in.

In addition to this the body of the trailer is tapered as standard to allow loads to be safely discharged without the risk of them sticking in the trailer.


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