Marshall QM/6 Trailers


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Key Features
Manufacturer: Marshall
Agricultural Trader ID: 30548
Reference: marshall-qm6-trailers

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The QM/6 is the entry level monocoque trailer in Marshall range, but still has the same build and level of engineering that goes into all of their trailers.

The construction of the body is extremely robust, with 3.5mm sides and a 5mm flat floor ensuring the trailer can handle demanding work.

The flat floor also prevents premature rusting of the trailer, since there are no joints for water to sit in.

Furthermore the generous number of bearers and spacers means the trailer body is exceptionally strong and rigid, helping to prevent twisting or cracking after years of heavy use.

Another beneficial standard feature is a tapered body allowing loads to be safely discharged without the risk of them sticking in the trailer.


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