Ifor Williams CT Tiltbed


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Key Features
Manufacturer: Ifor Williams
Agricultural Trader ID: 30643
Reference: ifor-williams-ct-tiltbed-trailers

Advert Description

For owners of vehicles with low ground clearance or those in the vehicle recovery business, the tiltbed is an ideal choice.

It provides all the benefits of the flatbed range, combined with an easily-tilted platform for effortless loading.

There are two size options in the range: CT166 (4.77m/16′ long, 1.98/6’6 wide) and CT167 (4.77m/16′ long, 2.25/7’4 wide).

Both models offer a maximum gross weight of 3500kg.

Tilt is achieved through the use of a manual hydraulic pump.

The low tilt angle (approximately 12 degrees) and drop-down tail ramp make it easier to drive almost any kind of wheeled vehicle onto the trailer bed.

A longer (0.91/3′) loading ramp is available as an option.


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