Ifor Williams Eventa L


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Manufacturer: Ifor Williams
Agricultural Trader ID: 30646
Reference: ifor-williams-eventa-l-horseboxes

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The Eventa L is a modern, stylish trailer for owners and riders wishing to travel further and stay overnight in comfortable accommodation.

There are two levels of finish; Base and Gold.  The Base trailer is supplied with no fit-out to the living area allowing you to customise this area yourself.  With Gold comes seating for three, sleeping accommodation for two, a sink and plenty of storage space and a gas cooking hob.  Included as standard are also on-board 12v electrics, 50 litre water tank and a 12v electric water pump.  The 12v electrics means you can add a host of additional options including electric fridge, hot water, TV and electrical flush toilet; it really is a home from home.  (NB the horse area is fully fitted on base trailers).  With an Ifor Williams Eventa, travelling away with your horse really is home from home.

Eventa L can carry 2 horses/3 ponies (dependent on weight) and is suitable for a 17hh horse as the storage locker is not present on this model.  Eventa L also comes in a tri-axle option.

Sliding windows on both sides of the trailer allows ample light along with plenty of ventilation for your horses.

Used in many horse lorries, Ifor Williams have introduced the Herringbone Angle, a newly designed partitioning system, built with safety in mind.

The Eventa range has smooth curves and composite side and roof panels which give good thermal insulation.

To ensure a smoother ride, the Ifor Williams parabolic leaf spring suspension is used in all of our horse trailers.


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