Kubota RTV400Ci


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Manufacturer: Kubota
Agricultural Trader ID: 30682
Reference: kubota-rtv400ci

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Vincent Tractors stock the compact RTV400Ci is the perfect multi-purpose vehicle for our Cornish customers, whether they need it for livestock, amenity or country pursuits.

It features a heavy duty platform, an air cooled single cylinder electronic fuel injected petrol engine for chokeless quick cold starts, plus an advanced transmission with inertial clutch for excellent response and reliability.

The vehicle has selectable 4WD capability, and an exclusive Continuously Variable Transmission inertia clutch, which provides dynamic braking to help maintain control during descents with engine assisted deceleration.

The vehicle is designed to maximise both safety and comfort, and features a standard Rollover Protective Structure, including quick read instrument panel, deluxe bench seat and conveniently positioned controls, to reduce operator fatigue for longer working hours.


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