Marshall MS45 Muck Spreaders


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Key Features
Manufacturer: Marshall
Agricultural Trader ID: 30691
Reference: marshall-ms45

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The MS45 is the entry level Marshall spreader, but it is still built to the highest standard like all Marshall products.

It has a 4mm drum and 5mm ends, which is hugely over engineered for the size of the spreader and therefore drastically improves its lifespan.

The chains used in this model are case hardened flail chains with fully-welded heads, not simply held on with a bolt or pin; this significantly reduces wearing of the chains and chain heads.

These are mounted on four sides of a perfectly balanced main rotor, to help create a more even spread pattern.

The sprockets used in the spreader are precision steel sprockets, not cast, located to the shaft by a 10 pitch spline.

These sprockets are much stronger than cast sprockets and reduce the chance of component failure, prolonging the life of the spreader.

In addition the bottom input shaft is mounted by two bearings and the drive sprocket is positioned between them for maximum strength, further reducing the chances of component failure.

All bearings on Marshall spreaders are also mounted away from the drum limiting the potential damage from corrosive slurry.

The spreader lid is opened by a hydraulic ram which is made from stainless steel to eliminate corrosion.

The lid itself is extremely large allowing easy loading with today’s larger loading forks and grabs.

It is also worth noting lids open vertically so the muck does not have to be edged in.

The overall strength of the spreader is further enhanced by the Marshall integral chassis design that has been used for over 30 years.

This removes any stress on the drum of the spreader that could potentially cause premature cracking.

Overall the MS45 is well constructed spreader that has the best engineering Marshalls can offer in a compact package.


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