Marshall VES1500 Muck Spreaders


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Manufacturer: Marshall
Agricultural Trader ID: 30695
Reference: marshall-ves1500

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Vincent Tractors stocks the VES1500, VES 2000 and the VES2500 models from Marshall’s Rear Discharge Muck Spreaders range.

The whole concept behind the Vesuvius Vantage (Rear Discharge Spreader) was based on the premise that a spreader was required in the marketplace that should be virtually maintenance free.

A tall order but one Marshall have certainly achieved!

The Vesuvius Vantage requires a daily visual check of the gearbox oil level and greasing by means of five remote points.

Quite simply that is all that is required.

This was made possible by developing a unique design that uses a hydraulic ram to push the load to the beaters, eliminating unreliable and troublesome chains that are a notorious weakness of rear-discharge spreaders.

The pushing rams speed is fully controllable due to the mechanical device that regulates the flow of oil to the ram as it extends, ensuring a constant speed of discharge.

This clever design also offers a number of other advantages over traditional rear discharge spreaders.

The removal of a chain drive system allows a deeper, more compact design that has a lower centre of gravity making it an ideal choice for areas with narrow roads or for spreading on hills.

This gain is not at the expense of ground-clearance with all machines sporting an excellent 520mm of ground clearance.

The removal of the chain drive gearbox also allows the axle to be placed further back on the machine, reducing weight transfer beyond the axle during spreading that could cause instability of the towing vehicle.

Operational wise the design is extremely easy to use.

The speed of discharge is controlled, which reduces the oil flow as the ram moves forward enabling the operator to simply engage the spool valve prior to spreading.


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