Marshall S/85 Trailers


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Manufacturer: Marshall
Agricultural Trader ID: 30699
Reference: marshall-s85

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The Marshall S/85 drop side trailer is an extremely flexible design that can carry out a huge variety of jobs effectively.

The drop side design provides excellent versatility, allowing the trailer to be used as a flat-bed or a proper trailer.

This drastically increases the jobs this trailer can be used for, whether it is moving pallets, small machines, sand or grass; it really can handle all jobs.

The S/85 also has the option of mesh, grain or silage sides making it an even more versatile piece of kit and maximising the trailers functionality.

The body of the S/85 has a 4mm floor and 2.5mm sides in two panels, still allowing them to be easily removed if necessary.

The hinge points for the sides are also reinforced to prevent cracking or twisting under heavy loads.

To improve rigidity the trailer also has a fixed headboard, which reduces flexing during loading and transport.

In addition to these design features the trailers body is tapered allowing loads to be safely discharged without the risk of them sticking in the trailer.

The trailer chassis utilises their tried and tested design developed over 60 years of trailer manufacturing, and provides exceptional strength.

Its square design also helps reducing flexing, as it runs the whole length of the trailer.

The S/85 is also fully-equipped with hydraulic tipping rams, hydraulic brakes and lights, which means it ready to be used from the moment it is delivered.

Significantly the S/85 has a tandem axle meaning either spring or rocker suspension can be fitted as a no-cost option.

This means the S/85 can take on the most demanding jobs around the farm, whether it is simply moving silage or transporting grain on the road.

The Marshall S/85 is a multi-purpose trailer that performs extremely well in a number of different roles and easily meets the challenges of the modern agricultural industry.


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