GreenMech QuadTrak 160


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Key Features
Manufacturer: Greenmech
Agricultural Trader ID: 30750
Reference: green-mech-quadtrak-160

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The QuadTrak 160 is a tracked 160mm chipper that comes with an optional turntable and tilt system making it good from any angle.

Its innovative design allows the machine to be tilted for stability when working on slopes up to 30°, making it perfect for the Cornish landscape, assuring correct flow of oil to the engine.

Powered by a Kubota turbo-charged diesel engine, the high throughput of this impressive workhorse is provided by duel vertical feed rollers and a large 160mm x 230mm letterbox opening.

This facilitates exceptional crushing of difficult branches and fast processing of woody brash.

A wide operating platform is positioned to give excellent visibility and good access to controls, allowing for safe and efficient tracking.

High ground clearance of 240mm ensures easy clearance of hidden stumps and other obstacles over unknown terrain.

The QuadTrak 160 comes with the option of a bespoke trailer ensuring the safe and simple loading of the chipper for the operator.

Vincent Tractors and Plant also believe that the capacity to use the machine whilst still mounted on the trailer, gives the benefits of a trailed and tracked machine in one package.


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