GreenMech EcoCombi 150


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Manufacturer: Greenmech
Agricultural Trader ID: 30760
Reference: green-mech-ecocombi-150

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Combining the versatility of both a chipper and a shredder, the award-winning EcoCombi 150 comes with a 35hp water-cooled diesel Yanmar engine and uses GreenMech’s patented Disc-Blade chipping/shredding system.

Vincent Tractors and Plant believe that it is the perfect machine for Cornish customers who are looking for a multipurpose arboriculture machine.

Designed with power, strength and versatility in mind, this trailed unit has proven popular with contractors and local authorities who need to process a mixture of both wood and green waste.

The EcoCombi 150 has the capacity to deal with up to 150mm of clean timber and a shredding section for up to 50mm of organic material contaminated with soil, stones and green wet waste.

Once the material is placed in the 800mm x 700mm wide infeed chute the powerful hydraulic feed rollers on the chipper and shredder are linked to the No-Stress power control system with independent control valves.

This allows both systems to be used in unison, with the No-Stress system reducing the likelihood of blocking and the control valve ensuring a smoother feed to the Disc-Blades.

This model comes with an optional conveyor on the shredder infeed hopper and for convenience, both in feed chutes fold for easy transporting.


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