GreenMech SafeTrak 16-23


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Key Features
Manufacturer: Greenmech
Agricultural Trader ID: 30762
Reference: green-mech-safetrak-16-23

Advert Description

Powered by a 35hp water cooler diesel engine, the ground-breaking SAFE-Trak 16-23 gives Vincent Tractors and Plant customers unrivalled stability on Cornish road and railway embankments with extended ground clearance for getting across rough terrain and nearer to the job in hand.

The 160mm x 230mm letterbox style in-feed throat allows for quick and easy processing of wood and bulky brash.

This reduces the need for reduction with the chainsaw, making it safer, simpler and faster to use; saving you and your team time and money.

The patented SAFE-Trak system incorporates two independently adjusted track mounting legs, allowing the operator to safely traverse slopes of up to 35°.

With both track mounts fully extended a massive ground clearance of over 450mm enables effortless clearance of hidden obstacles.

This pioneering machine has two operating positions giving you the versatility to tackle a range of locations.

When fully retracted, the tracks fit neatly under the chipper body allowing travel through gaps as little as 735mm permitting use in areas of limited access.

When fully extended, it allows for a wider working platform and greater stability.

The tracks can be mounted inboard or outboard, please specify when ordering.

The soft-ride rubber tracks reduce vibration on hard surfaces, and in combination with the twin hydraulic pumps allow speedier travel than most other machines in its class.

The stand-on folding platform enables the operator to ride on the machine when tracking long distances.


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