GreenMech Combi 200


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Key Features
Manufacturer: Greenmech
Agricultural Trader ID: 30773
Reference: greenmech-combi-200

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Wherever you’re working, whatever type of branches, prunings or green waste you’re processing, the GreenMech Combi 200 will make your life easier.  Based on the Arborist 200, it has an added robust conveyor and a massive in feed chute to make loading easy and safe.

The 500 x 1200mm toothed in-feed conveyor feeds into a single horizontal roller via a generous 200 x 400mm throat opening.

The sloping sides of the 1430 x 940mm infeed chute are designed to bring any small in-fed material back to the centre and onto the conveyor belt.  The speed of the conveyor and roller are matched and can be easily adjusted.

Power is provided by the 45 hp Kubota diesel unit, featuring automatic tension of the drive belt to deliver optimum engine power transmission to flywheel.

The patented, electronically-controlled No-Stress system doesn’t just manage the throughput of material via the rollers and conveyor, but also optimises the available engine power to maximise chipping efficiency.

Combi 200 is fitted with our patented Disc-Blade system, giving up to 150 hours of chipping before any re-sharpening is required and lasting up to 3 times as long as standard straight blades. As a result, Combi 200 can process up to 7 tonnes of wood per hour or up to 5 tonnes of green waste.

A remote control unit is available to manage the conveyor and roller while the operator is working away from the machine.

Bottom Bar Safety Mechanism, Spare wheel, LED lights and Hitch Locks are fitted as standard equipment.

Built from deep beam, high tensile steel to give the strongest chassis construction, the Combi 200 has been designed and engineered for quality, strength, performance and economy.  And when it comes to service and maintenance, the same care has been taken to ensure easy access to the major components.


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