Major Equipment Synergy Mower


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Manufacturer: Major
Agricultural Trader ID: 30818
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The new MAJOR SYNERGY rotary mower perfectly partners the popular Kubota F Series front mower, offering groundcare staff extra versatility without compromising on finish quality.

It delivers a professional striped finish even on coarser grass and terrain unsuitable for belt driven mowers.

The MAJOR SYNERGY rotary mower offers expert reliability, durability and lower running costs to provide a compelling cost-effective option.

It features fewer wearing parts, approximately half those of a typical flail mower.

The body is produced from Optim high-strength steel which is 220% stronger, yet much lighter than steel traditionally used in machinery manufacturing.

As a result the overall weight of the machine is reduced without compromising on build quality.

The MAJOR SYNERGY rotary mower is ideal for sports pitches and parklands and will appeal to local authorities, landscape gardeners and other groundscare professionals that demand a versatile mower deck capable of delivering a professional finish across a variety of grass lengths and types.


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