Major Equipment TDR Roller Mowers


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Manufacturer: Major
Agricultural Trader ID: 30821
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The MAJOR TDR Rotary Gang Mowers lead the range of Roller Mowers with cutting widths of 4.9 m and 6.1 m.

The patented three point pivot system allows the machine to glide over the ground contours eliminating scalping of the grass.

The heavy duty rollers are fitted with internal bearings and seals to prevent water and dust contamination ensuring life long protection.

The twin blade system is enclosed within an aerofoil chamber and cut material is recycled and distributed evenly in the wake of the machine.

The blades are synchronised to rotate in opposite directions and overlap each other by 75 mm to ensure a perfect finish every time.

A simple spanner adjustment sets and locks the cutting height of the machine by raising or lowering the rollers.

The cutting height can be adjusted from from 12 mm to 150 mm.

As with all the MAJOR range ease of maintenance is paramount and the rear deck two stage lift allows simple maintenance to be carried out.

The slip clutch and overrun protection on the input PTO shaft coupled with the rubber buffer protection between each of the rotor gearboxes minimise damage to vital components.

The machines wings can be folded up to a 90° angle giving TDR16000 and TDR20000 a transport width of 2.4 m.

To ensure operator safety the wings auto-stop when raised and must be reset manually when lowered.

This is an important feature when operating in public areas.

All moving parts are completely enclosed and the rollers prevent debris from escaping from the under the machine.

The rear deck (MAJOR 8400GR) can be removed easily and be used independently of the wings giving the operator two machines in one.

The optional electronic in-cab remote control system allows full independent use of each deck from the comfort of the tractor.

This machine is widely used by local authorities, military grounds, sports clubs, parklands and airports to name a few.


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