Major Equipment High Speed ADR Fuel Bowser


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Manufacturer: Major
Agricultural Trader ID: 30825
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The MAJOR High Speed ADR Bunded Fuel Bowser (above) is an easy-tow unit available with 250 and 400 gallon capacity.

They are suitable for diesel and paraffin and are designed to help companies comply with current and pending EU Environmental Regulations by eliminating accidental spillage.

MAJOR Equipment Ltd announces the availability of a range of ADR Diesel Bowsers to comply with the introduction of the Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road Regulations that came into force in the EC from the 1


of July 2003.

The same regulations came into force in the UK from the 1


of March 2004.

Under these regulations diesel is now classified as a dangerous substance due to its potential flammability, especially when in a vapour state.

In order to transport diesel safely on the road it must now be done in containers, which comply with the requirements of the ADR regulations.  ADR regulations are a European agreement.

They do not apply to site bound Bowsers.

The MAJOR Bowsers consist of IBC containers (intermediate bulk container), which are mounted on either a towable chassis or a skid, fitted with a roll over protection frame.

The IBC’s can only be retained on a chassis or frame and must not have the chassis or frame form part of their structure.

The containers are classified as IBC’s to UN31A coding.

To achieve this they had to be independently tested to withstand test pressures and drop testing.

The container is also required to feature a specialised pressure relief valve, an inspection hatch, max fill point indication point.

The container must also be tested every 30 months for leaks and defects.


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