Kersten KM45 Front Mounted Sweepers


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Manufacturer: Kubota
Agricultural Trader ID: 30881
Reference: kersten-km45-front-mounted-sweepers

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Compact and small tractor front mounted attachments 20 to 40hp.  Ideal for the Kubota F Series.

The KM 45 Series front mounted sweepers for larger ride-on and up-front mowers and sub-compact tractors 20 to 40 hp.

The sweeper can angle left and right to windrow material.

The sweeper may be specified with and without a collector and gulley brush.

The massive 45cm diameter brush provides outstanding performance in this compact, robust, lightweight machine.

The sweeper height may be adjusted to ensure precise operation is achieved in all conditions.

The sweeper can deal with many types of material including soil, stones, moss, snow and sand.  Effective on artificial sports surfaces.

Front mounted sweepers for ride-on mowers, up-front mowers and compact tractors 20 to 40hp.

It should be specified where the tractor width falls below the width of the sweeper and light applications that suit the 45cm diameter brush.

The sweeping width is reduced by approx. 100mm when angled. The front linkage system must be already fitted to the tractor.

The power units either require a front PTO system or may be operated by the power units own hydraulic system.

They can be supplied with a number of dedicated quick hitches (See ABR) to suit most leading models or a cat.1 universal “A” frame.

The sweepers may be PTO drive or hydraulic drive and all have optional hydraulic collectors, gulley brushes and angling to the left and right.

Orders may be colour coded to the tractor if required at no extra cost.


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