Kersten FKDR Front Linkage Attachments


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The FKDR allows Kersten front mounted implements to be attached and detached quickly and easily for powered and non-powered attachments.

The FKDR front linkage allows the fitting of powered and non-powered implements with manual or hydraulic lift/lower and implement angling from the operators seat to a wide range of ride-on mowers.

With this system your power unit will become a year round tool.

The extra capabilities offered by adding extra attachments offers cost savings, extra convenience and operator comfort.

The system can be used on all major makes from Kubota to John Deere, Grillo to Iseki.

These kits are normally fitted to machines of


and over.

They all use the Kersten


implement hitching system which lets machines to be attached and removed in seconds without the use of tools.

There are three models of linkage available:

The FKDR-HYDR offers the added benefit of hydraulic power for implements such as sweepers.  The kit includes a hydraulic pump, tank, valves etc all tailored to each power unit.  This equipment is permanently mounted on the mower.

Also available, hopper cover and hydraulic controls.


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