Enduramaxx Enduraspray UTV Skid Sprayer


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Manufacturer: Enduramaxx
Agricultural Trader ID: 30903
Reference: enduramaxx-enduraspray-utv-skid-sprayer

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Have a pasture or a rough hillside that’s being taken over by weeds?  Are your fields too saturated to reach with your large sprayer?  Need a new turf sprayer?  Manage it all with a 150 or 225 litre UTV Skid Sprayer from Enduramaxx! Choose between a Electric pump and a Engine-driven pump.  Choose between a 12′ or 18′ Boom for even coverage in flat terrain, or put Boomless Nozzles on it to spray the steepest, roughest hillside you need to manage.

With a Powerjet Spray Gun now standard equipment, your Skid Sprayer will also function as a Spot Sprayer.  Spray your fence rows and around bins, or upgrade your skid sprayer with optional hose reels.

(l x w x h mm)

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