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Brackets included / rolled options available.

Designed on over 30 years of experience, our purpose built Rehandling Buckets are manufactured to suit your machine.

150 x 12mm support straps run continuously around the bucket, integral with the attachment brackets to offer unrivalled strength and durability.

These are supported by further cross section straps at the wear points underneath the bucket.

On either side, 80 x 12mm side stiffeners are welded.  The top of the bucket is flat, enhancing your view of the application, whilst also acting as an internal spill guard.

Built to suit your machine (ensuring the best possible crowd and dump can be achieved), our rehandling buckets have a shorter floor depth for maximum tear out force.

The Cherry Rehandling bucket range is manufactured to the highest quality from 5mm plate.

This is re-enforced by the supports straps and cross members underneath the bucket, meaning, at the crucial impact/wear points, our rehandling buckets are 17mm thick.

Telehandler Models – 

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