Stiga Silex 95 – Honda Culitvator


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Manufacturer: STIGA
Agricultural Trader ID: 31117
Reference: stiga-silex-95-honda-culitvator

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This type of power unit is known as a two wheel tractor and is ideal for a variety of year round gardening chores. The powerful Honda GCV 160 engine drives two traction wheels and a power take off system. Fitting an attachment to the Silex 95H is easy and only takes a few minutes. From cutting grass to clearing snow this versatile system is a firm favourite with many gardeners.

Rear Cultivator

Fit a rear tine cultivator and the Silex 95H makes a tough job so easy. Simply engage the drive and follow the machine. On established vegetable plots you will produce a seed bed in one pass. On hard, unbroken ground you may need two or sometimes three passes to get the depth and tilth you require. What can be a back breaking job couldn’t be easier.

Grassland Mower

This rotary grass cutter is another excellent piece of equipment. With a 53cm cutting width it will even tackle grass and nettles up to two feet tall. The single bar blade cuts and scatters the grass so an even finish is achieved. It handles orchards, paths through wild flower areas, and any rough grass lawns with such ease – it is a real favourite.


This scythe or cutter bar mower can be fitted in minutes and is designed for cutting long grass, brambles, light scrub and similar materials. The 87cm blade cuts the grass once and lays it neatly aside for later clearance if required.

Ridging Plough

Earthing up potatoes can be hard work but this ridging plough makes it so quick and easy to do. Let the powerful tractor pull the plough through your soil and it’s no longer a back-breaking task.

Brush & Collector

Keep your paths neat and tidy with this attachment. The 82cm wide brush sweeps debris into the collector for easy disposal. A 105cm brush without a collector is also available.

Snow Blade

We may not get much snow in the UK but when we do you’ll be glad of this accessory. With an 85cm working width, the blade can be angled to direct cleared snow in the required direction.




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