Stiga Tornado 6108 HW Multiclip Lawn Tractor


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Manufacturer: STIGA
Agricultural Trader ID: 31141
Reference: stiga-tornado-6108-hw-multiclip-lawn-tractor

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The Stiga Tornado 6108 HW is designed for intensive use with a stronger chassis, cast iron front axle and large 20″ rear wheels – you can confidently use this garden tractor to maintain many areas other than lawns, such as paddocks, orchards and wild flower meadows.

The Kawasaki FS481 V Twin Cylinder engine provides plenty of power to handle tough conditions.  The large 15 litre fuel tank gives the freedom to operate for long periods without needing to refuel, and is easily accessed from the rear mounted filler cap.

The reinforced cutting deck has two untimed blades, driven using premium quality pulleys and a Kevlar-reinforced belt.  The floating deck has 3 anti-scalp wheels and comes fitted with blades optimised for side discharge to ensure superb performance in arduous conditions.  Side discharge comes into its own in longer grass conditions, it leaves a uniform finish and will tidy up a lawn which has grown too long for successful mulching.

Height of cut is easy to adjust with 7 settings from 30 to 90mm.  A mulching plug is included to allow the efficient recycling of grass clippings back into the soil, returning valuable nutrients and saving time without sacrificing the standard of finish.  Other quality features include electromagnetic blade engagement, headlights and a washing facility on the deck.

This robust machine is extremely versatile, more manoeuvrable and at a much lower price than a compact tractor. It also makes a very useful towing machine as well as coping with all types of grass scenarios.


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