Kubota F Series


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Manufacturer: Kubota
Agricultural Trader ID: 31266
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There are three models in the F series, the F2890, F3090 and F3890.

The 2WD F2890E offers professional performance with a powerful and economic 27.4 HP Kubota diesel engine, power steering, hydraulic mower lift, HST transmission for increased productivity and reliability.

The F3090 has been designed to deal with UK grass growing conditions.  Few mowers are better suited to face the high demands placed upon groundsmen, green keepers and landscape contractors by our unpredictable climate.  With auto assist 4WD as standard and an impressive 30.6 HP engine, the F3090 benefits from power steering, hydraulic mower lift, HST shaft driven mower and transmission.

Built for the heaviest of workloads and even the most demanding of jobs are made effortless with the F3890.  With all the benefits of the F3090 but with an 37.3 HP engine – the F3890 is the most powerful outfront mower in the Kubota range.  The F3890 is ideal for mowing large areas quick and with auto assist 4WD as standard the F3890 can easily handle the more demanding work areas.

Unequalled manoeuvrability: 

Fitted with hydrostatic steering and HST transmission, or all-wheel-drive, the F9 series mowers benefit from excellent manoeuvrability and driveability in all situations.

Greater productivity: 

The efficient Kubota engine and two-range hydrostatic transmission are linked with a 61-litre fuel tank that allows you to work longer, faster and with full autonomy.  Similarly, the high capacity  grass collector  ensures maximum productivity.

Cut quality: 

The Pro 3 deck with blades of 1.37 m / 1.52 m / 1.83 m are available with side or rear discharge, then ensure a clean precision cut, easily converted to mulching.

High performance collectors: 

Optionally, Kubota offers two clipping collectors of 900 l, the GCD900P (Pro) and the GCD900U (Utility).  These provide a discharge at a height of 2.14 m and with a large offset to the rear.  On these collectors the driving of the variable impeller turbine is respectively carried out by a hydraulic pump or a belt.


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