GreenMech EVO165


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Key Features
Manufacturer: Greenmech
Agricultural Trader ID: 31304
Reference: greenmech-evo165

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The EVO 165 comes in a diesel or petrol engine option that combines usable power with fuel efficiency and emissions compliance.

Horizontal Rollers:

Efficiently grip the timber and control its lateral movement to provide maximum bite and smooth processing.

Unparalleled Processing Power: 

New, heavy-duty flywheel and re-flowed exit chute ensure unmatched processing power for a machine of its size.

Ease of Shear Bar Access: 

Speedy access to both vertical and horizontal shear bars for maintenance.

Heavy Duty Chassis:

New, one-piece fabricated chassis provides greater strength and durability in demanding operational conditions.

Centralised Greasing:

Makes regular servicing easier to carry out.

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EVO 165P

EVO 165D


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