Teagle Tomahawk Bale Processor


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Key Features
Manufacturer: Teagle
Agricultural Trader ID: 31308
Reference: teagle-tomahawk-bale-processor

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Tomahawk 4040, 5050, 5050XL

Bed loose housing and feed hay and baled or clamp silage.  Tried and tested for quality and durability.

Tomahawk 404M, 5050M, 505XLM

For fast, efficient milling of straw and dry materials to a consistent chop length for poultry, cubicles, TMR and Bioenergy.

The 404M/505M/505XLM range is suitable for dry material only, and will not cut silage as it will block the mill sieve.

Tomahawk 500B

Mill dry materials and then distribute up to 100m via a high pressure delivery fan.  Ideal for poultry and cubicle bedding.


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