Stiga Estate 7102 HWSY Lawn Tractor


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Manufacturer: STIGA
Agricultural Trader ID: 31309
Reference: stiga-estate-7102-hwsy-lawn-tractor

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Featuring an electromagnetic PTO engagement that provides instant, safe activation/deactivation of the cutting blades by simply pushing a button, ideal for quick disengaging of blades in order to avoid hitting stones or debris.  Driving this hydrostatic model is smoother than ever before, the further you press the drive pedal, the faster the machine travels and the STIGA soft-grip steering wheel and STIGA Comfort Plus seat allow for a comfortable ride.  The new bonnet has powerful LED headlights and the new 5.5″ colour display lets you monitor the settings quickly and easily using the intuitive icons.

The 102 cm cutting deck with two blades has 4 anti-scalp wheels; the cutting height can be adjusted in 7 different positions ranging from 30 to 90 mm.  The blades are activated by an electromagnetic clutch at the simple touch of a button.  The Estate 7102 HWSY can collect clippings in the 320-litre grass collector.  An alarm sounds to let the driver know when the collector is full.  Emptying the collector is done from the driving seat; simply pull the tipping lever and the collector opens wide emptying out the clippings – you don’t even need to get off the tractor.

Mulching the grass allows the clippings to be recycled, improving the soil as they decompose, forming a natural fertiliser high in potash and nitrogen.  Mulched clippings are blown deep down into the turf and are not noticeable, provided the grass is cut regularly and not on the lowest setting.

Switching between collection or mulch modes is extremely simple and takes less than a minute; just remove the collector, insert the mulching plug into the discharge chute and replace the collector.  To return to collection, simply reverse the procedure.


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