Ifor Williams TA510


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Key Features
Manufacturer: Ifor Williams
Agricultural Trader ID: 31364
Reference: ifor-williams-ta510-trailers

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The TA510 range offers substantial high specification trailers, designed for those who require the maximum volume and gross weight available.

Body lengths of 10′, 12′ and 14′ are available, with height options of 6′ and 7′.

The 7′ versions, with optional centre partition fitted, allow two 16.2hh horses to be transported.

All trailers have a maximum gross weight of 3500kg; payload varies between 2010kg and 2550kg depending on size and specification.

All sizes are available with either the standard ramp, combination ramp doors or with the EasyLoad ramp and folding deck system.

TA510 trailers are fitted with a twin axle beam (tri axle option on 14′ model), leaf sprung suspension, galvanized steel chassis, aluminium side panels, heat reflecting roof, and grip-faced aluminium planking covered rear ramp.

Unique to Ifor Williams Trailers, the factory fitted EasyLoad ramp and folding deck system simplifies the loading of the upper deck without the need to manhandle ramps or livestock.

With the deck system folded away the trailer is suitable for use with cattle and other livestock.

All components are stored on board the trailer and are conveniently and safely stowed for quick access.

When required the deck can be deployed or stowed within a few minutes without the need for any tools or special equipment.

With the decks deployed the EasyLoad ramp can be operated, lifting easily into position, assisted by way of two gas springs.

This requires little effort from the operator and stowage is just as effortless.

Utilising the weight of the operator the ramp lowers and is simply locked in place.

The EasyLoad ramp is used in conjunction with the folding deck system and must be specified at time of order.


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