Ritchie Super Bale Handler


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Manufacturer: Ritchie
Agricultural Trader ID: 31391
Reference: ritchie-super-bale-handler

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For fast and safe handling of straw bales.

Farmers and contractors all agree that loading 3 square or round bales onto a trailer in one movement, where the bales are all in line and tightly packed, is considerably safer and quicker with the Ritchie Super Multi Bale Grab.

Loading lorries two bales high and then adding a third to fully utilise transport is not the safest operation to complete.

The Ritchie Super Multi Bale Handler moves 3 round bales or 4 midi square bales in one manoeuvre.

Featureing 14 high tensile steel tines in two folding wings, with each wing being operated by its own hydraulic ram to tightly secure the bales.

When mated to a heavy duty, high capacity front-end loader or telehandler for stability, bales are quickly and safely moved and stacked from field to farm.

Operators have good visibility when positioning the Multi Bale Handler, whilst the security and firmness of bales held within the grab means bales can be manoeuvred through 180 degrees.

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