Marshall BC/21 Trailers


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Key Features
Manufacturer: Marshall
Agricultural Trader ID: 31406
Reference: marshall-bc21

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The Marshall BC/21 is an extremely popular model due to a combination of its carry capacity and manageable size.

It has box section bearers and runners which provides exceptional strength and prevents water from prematurely rusting the trailer.

The strength of the trailer is further enhanced by heavy-duty channels forming a square chassis that extends the length of the trailer and also reduces flexing when loading the trailer.

Another standard feature that also helps deal with flexing when loading is the 21″ headboard, which improves the overall rigidity of the trailer.

The tandem axle design on a BC/21 allows the customer the option to specify springs or Marshalls split oscillating rocker tandem suspension as a no cost option.

The standard floor on a BC/21 is a 4mm durabar floor that significantly reduces the potential for loads to move during transport.

In addition to this Marshalls also offers a 30mm treated pine floor as a no cost option for customers who prefer a more traditional design.

The BC/21 also comes with harvest ladders as standard, ensuring it is capable of carrying all types of load safely from the moment it is purchased.

The harvest ladders are galvanised as standard to ensure they do not rust if left outside when not in use.

On top of this all Marshall bale trailers have hydraulic brakes and lights as standard to comply with all the necessary health and safety legislation.

The BC/21 is an excellent all-round trailer that can be handle a huge range of tasks; from transporting bales of hay to moving cattle in a Marshall cattle container.

It really is a tough piece of kit that won’t let the customer down.


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