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Manufacturer: Kverneland
Agricultural Trader ID: 31415
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Bale Choppers – Feeders

Kverneland bale choppers are efficient and productive solutions that lowers operating costs through higher

accuracy and performance.  They are designed for more capacity, reaching longer blowing distances and doing

the job in less time.  Using a bale chopper for the bedding job gives an even spread of material with significant

potential of material savings due to a more accurate spread.

Thanks to the two-speed gearbox you can utilise the Kverneland bale choppers as dual purpose machines for

bedding and feeding, with the ability to feed baled material or loose clamp silage.

Diet Feeders Vertical Augers

Vertical Single Auger Diet Feeders

The Kverneland Siloking single auger models are available with hopper capacities from 7 m³ to 15 m³.

Vertical Twin & Triple Auger Diet Feeders

The vertical and triple auger diet feeders have hopper capacities ranging from 12 m

to 45 m



Self-propelled Diet Feeders

The Kverneland Siloking SelfLine range of self-propelled diet feeders allows operators to load and mix the feed from the cab.  With hopper capacities ranging from 12m

to 32m




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