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Power Steering / Positive Steering. 

Having trialled the system on a triple auger mixer in 2014, RS Agri are pleased to offer this option particularly of benefit on larger mixers.  As part of the kit, the mixer is fitted with two hydraulic rams either side of the drawbar.  Turning circles and ease of use both forwards and in reverse are dramatically improved.

Tall Augers, More Knives

Full width and optimum height augers are fitted into the Agrimix.  This is essential for the correct mixing of material.  In twin and triple machines, there is a cross over auger system for improved mixing.  There are four knives fitted to each helix (full turn) of the auger, designed to give the most efficient chopping of fibre and a quicker mix of ingredients.  Apart from the top knife, there are two positions for all other knives to provide a more aggressive chopping action if needed. There are options to have the auger flights overlayed with stainless steel or edged with stainless steel (or both).

A popular option are powerful tub magnets fitted into the tub wall.  They are a useful aid to removing wire and small metal objects that can be harmful to cows.  These can be fitted into new machines or older tub mixers as a retro-fit.

Please note that these are extremely powerful magnets and may affect those with a pacemaker or similar device.  Mobile electronic devices should not be placed near to the magnets.

For today’s higher fibre rations, a straw ring holds light material inside the tub.

Two on all single auger models, four on twin and triple models. OPTIONS: If required contra knives can be operated hydraulically by using the switch box.

The choice of wheels depends on the amount of road work and the load carried; wheels can be specified to either lower the overall height of the machine or to raise the machine to feed into a higher trough.  There is also an option to have puncture resistant foam filled wheels.

Axle options


A 1.1m door – wide enough to cope with today’s longer fibre mixes. OPTIONS: Multiple door positions are available, at the front, rear, sides and corners. One or more doors can be fitted on each machine.

An inspection platform is fitted on all mixers.

A weighing system accurate to 1% is fitted as standard.


The Digi-Star weighing system with EZ2500V weighbox is fitted as standard to give accurate measurements of materials loaded and unloaded. Further options include a remote control for the standard system or upgrade to the EZ3600V programmable weighbox. With this weighbox, you have the option of purchasing the TMR Tracker software – a PC based system that allows for accurate rationing and mixing linked to stock control of ingredients and providing detailed feed management information. An in-cab monitor is also available. For more information on these systems see

RS Agri mixers have as standard a 2.35m wide conveyor featuring external greaseable bearings and easy belt tracking. This can feed to the right or left side for on-floor delivery or low trough feeding. OPTIONS: For feeding into a higher trough or over a higher barrier, an elevator (0.7m to 1.7m long) on either the right or left side can be fitted.

All machines have a two-speed gearbox fitted as standard, which is operated electrically. This means the mixer can mix small mixes efficiently, be fully emptied and can be started when fully loaded with low horse-power.  Augers are driven by heavy duty 90 degree planetary gearboxes with speeds of over 40 revolutions per minute achievable.

All mixers have LED rear lights and a swivel ring hitch.

Smooth start up for conveyor system with rotex coupling and easy belt adjustment with the EVO scraper system.

Narrow Range: To accommodate restricted access and tight feed passages certain RS Agrimix models are available in a narrow version.

Other options include monitoring cameras, mineral chute, wheel nut indicators, wide-angle PTO, hydraulic door flap, flow valves, grease bank manifold system and high level road lights – please contact us for information on the full range of options for the vertical mixer.


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