Marshall ST2000 Tankers


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Key Features
Manufacturer: Marshall
Agricultural Trader ID: 31428
Reference: marshall-st2000

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The ST2000 is the smallest tanker in Marshall’s range that benefits from cut out mudguards to accommodate larger tyres.

The 750/60 – 30.5 tyre provides fantastic flotation on soft ground and significantly reduces the damage done to the ground by the tanker.

All Marshall tankers have an integral chassis design to reduce stress on the tank and prevent premature cracking.

In addition the tank is constructed from 6mm steel, which improves durability and increases the lifespan of the tanker.

The tank has also been measured to ensure that it will hold its stated capacity and customers receive exactly what they paid for.

The ST2000 is also fitted with a standard 6″ side valve that is interchangeable with another rear mounting position, allowing flexibility when loading.

The standard 10000L Hertell pump provides quick and efficient loading of the tanker, while combining reliability and durability.

The ST2000 is also fitted with hydraulic brakes and lights, which are fully integrated, as standard.

This ensures it is safe to operate and complies with all current health and safety legislation.

The ST2000 has the benefit of large flotation tyres as standard which makes it ideal in boggy ground and ensures there are few jobs it cannot handle.


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