AG Easiscrape


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Agricultural Trader ID: 31469
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With perfect elasticity, high tensile strength, good impact resistance and little elongation, the AG Easiscrape gives the very best results.

All scrapers are twin bladed, using hard wearing, high-impact strength rubber giving perfect scraping in both forward and reverse.

Built to last, to the same high standards as the AG Dispensers.

Fully galvanised 6′, 6’6″ and 7’2″ dual direction yard scraper.

Poltyurethane blade which allows a long lasting and more efficient blade fitted as standard.

A-Frame and 3 point linkage standard on all models.

Able to follow uneven surfaces.

Easily changeable parts.

No pivoting points.

Cleaner yards.

Reduced scraping time.

Reduced spillage and splash.


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