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With greater emphasis on cow comfort it is essential to make sure cubicles are well bedded.

The AG Dispenser has been developed especially with this in mind, enabling dairy farmers to bed cubicles regularly with speed and ease, minimising dust, and with economical use of materials.

The result being comfortable, clean, happy and healthy cows, helping to meet the demand of Dairy Farm Assurance Schemes.

160 cubicles can be bedded in 5-6 minutes.

Spreads most materials, including; sawdust, shavings, sand, chopped straw, paper and lime can be used on a tractor or handler, spreading from either side.

Extremely low maintenance; no PTO’s, chains or blowers.

Tilting Mechanism allows the Dispenser to be tilted flat to fill when mounted on the rear of the tractor.

Labour saving.

Clean, dry cubicle beds helps to lower cell counts.

Economical spreading saving up to 50% on bedding materials.


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