Ritchie Roots & Grains Feeders


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Manufacturer: Ritchie
Agricultural Trader ID: 30555
Reference: ritchie-roots-grains-feeders

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An all hydraulic drive unit suitable for front, rear or telescopic forklift mounting, for feeding most root crops and grains.

Hydraulic top link include for tractor mounted self-loading.

A manually operated stone trap is incorporated to eject stones while feeding a root crop.

A full length trash trap under the auger helps to deliver cleaner feed.

Agitator wheels are supplied to prevent grain bridging and to ensure a free flow of grain feeding into the trough.

Suitable for any root / grain crop.

Can be supplied with hydraulic shutter.

Category 2 three point linkage.

Stationary cutter head for added safety.

Fitted with pressure relief valve.

Externally mounted motor is protected by the bucket frame.


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