Baroness LM56-66


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Agricultural Trader ID: 30569
Reference: baroness-lm56-66

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Baroness walk behind cylinder mowers are built to provide the highest quality finish on all fine turf areas.

Completely gear driven, Baroness mowers are easier to maintain and more durable than mowers with other drive systems such as belts or chains.

Baroness pride themselves on the cutting quality of all their cylinder mowers: they use Nickel-Chrome-Molybdenum alloy steel cutting cylinders and specially hardened, tipped bedknives.

Baroness mowers are perfect to take care of Cornish fine turf, day in, day out, and keep their cutting edge sharp for longer than any other make.

Not only is the Baroness LM56-66 series the sharpest tool in the box but you get a complete turf maintenance system for the price of one mower.

Equipped with bi-directional front grooming reel, de-thatching reel or brush all of which are gear driven and changeable in 5 minutes the Baroness LM56-66 range offers you total control over the quality of your playing surface.


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