Ifor Williams BV64e


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Key Features
Manufacturer: Ifor Williams
Agricultural Trader ID: 30642
Reference: ifor-williams-bv64e-trailers

Advert Description

Small enough to tow conveniently behind your car, providing 2.3m


of space, this boxvan is ideal for leisure, domestic or small business users.

Ideal for family holidays, weekend trips, the sports enthusiasts with too much gear for the boot/roof rack or simply the small business with goods to move.

You’ll find the BV64e an ideal way to keep all your belongings safe, dry and away from prying eyes.

When not in use it can be safely parked up in your garage, and is light enough to manouvre easily.

It’s great for camping or enjoying outdoor activities such as cycling, canoeing or fishing, especially where bulky equipment is needed – it can even be used to carry a junior kart.

The BV64e is also popular with mobile disco owners.

Both models feature a streamlined body and mudwings with the rear prop stands integrated into the wings.

The adhesive bonded aluminium body structure gives exceptional strength whilst also saving weight, giving you more payload.


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