Kidd Bale Shredder 450TC


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Key Features
Manufacturer: Kidd
Agricultural Trader ID: 30674
Reference: kidd-bale-shredder-450tc

Advert Description

The Kidd Bale Shredder 450 TC will shred straw unchopped for animal bedding or at the touch of switch chop straw short for inclusion into a feed ration or for cubical bedding.

Round or square bales are distributed with an even flow of material.

Loose silage is evenly distributed.

It has a wide body for greater capacity and will take the largest bales produced, round or square.

Operators are able to feed silage over a barrier, with the beater fan combination evenly feeding the silage.

450TC chop lengths, from 4cm nominal chopped to unchopped.


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