Marshall QMD/8 Trailers


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Key Features
Manufacturer: Marshall
Agricultural Trader ID: 30692
Reference: marshall-qmd8

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The Marshall QMD/8 is a heavy-duty dumper that is designed to handle the toughest jobs in quarries, construction sites or even farms.

It has a 8mm floor and 5mm sides, which provide an extremely robust body that can cope with carrying rocks and other heavy loads that could potentially damage a lighter trailer.

The body of the trailer also has a generous number of bearers and spacers that further enhances the strength of the body.

The QMD/8 comes with a tapered rear-end as standard, providing the dual benefits of easy loading and rapid discharging of a load.

To further enhance the trailer’s strength the tipping points use a 24mm high tensile bolt to maximise service life.

The chassis on this model uses their tried and tested design perfected over 60 years of trailer manufacturing, providing excellent strength and stability.

The QMD/8 also has a high tipping angle of 45 degrees guaranteeing loads are safely and efficiently discharged.

Due to the tandem axle design of this model it can be fitted with springs or oscillating split tandem suspension at no cost.

On top of this all of their dumpers are fitted with lights and hydraulic brakes as standard ensuring that they meet all health and safety regulations.

The standard quality Marshall build and the tandem axle design means the QMD/8 can tackle many of the jobs that larger trailer would typically handle; substantially increasing its usefulness to customers.


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